About Us Contact Us Our business specialises in personalised, bespoke golf tours in the UK & Ireland. Luxury Links Golf Tours – welcome from Tom and Annette to our guests from China.

At Luxury Golf Tours we are proud to partner with Jessica & EEB Consulting Ltd to offer guests from China and Hong Kong the opportunity to bespoke golf tours in the UK.
Our business is focused on delivering personalized bespoke golf tours in the UK and Ireland.
Jessica and her team will take care of your initial enquiry, she is very passionate about the UK and customer service and is the perfect person to help you! After 20 years in Scotland, she is a true British expert. Please email tour@eebconsultancy.com to contact them.
As a former golf pro, I understand how passionate and “crazy” golfers are about the game, and how much we all love this wonderful game. This, combined with our experience in BMW corporate golf events, puts us in a very strong position to offer luxury golf tours, allowing you to enjoy the very best golfing experience in the UK.
We specialize in private and corporate golf, as well as golfers, non-golfers and families, ensuring we offer comprehensive packages.
Our office is located between Manchester and Liverpool, two historic cities, and we love advising our clients on the many sightseeing opportunities that make these two cities truly special. Manchester has become the UK’s second largest city and is considered a destination for hotels, restaurants and shopping, Liverpool has river cruise options and of course the home of the Beatles, we can arrange a VIP Beatles tour for you.
Premier League Football Packages – As we are based in England we are ideally suited to arrange Premier League football experiences – our most popular tickets are Liverpool FC, Manchester United, Manchester City and Everton, we can also arrange for teams in London including Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea arrange football packages – a fantastic combination of fantastic golf and Premier League football.

The basic premise of the business is to provide luxury golf tourism with a focus on the links and woodland golf courses of the UK and Ireland, we are located on England’s golf coastline with 10 fantastic links golf courses including three Royal Open Championship venues, namely Royal Birkdale, Lytham and Liverpool. This beautiful coastline is something all golfers should see as the golf course is outstanding and the experience of playing the “Three Royals” course is fantastic

Of course, St. Andrews in England is the birthplace of the famous golf, where people first played golf six centuries ago. It is famous all over the world for its naturally formed geographical environment. The Royal Ancient Club of St. Andrews is the leader and arbiter of global golf and one of the owners of the British Open. St. Andrews Old Course, Kingsborne, Carnoustie, Troon, Muirfield and Turnbury are the best choices for a pilgrimage to famous golf courses, and you can swing your golf balls at world-renowned courses for a real experience Strong Scottish golf culture and taste single malt whiskey. In London, golfers can swing the famous ‘sand belt’ on wonderful old courses such as Walton Heath, Sunningdale and St George’s Hill. We also have some fantastic golf courses in the south of England and a tour based on Royal St Georges, an open championship course, is a fantastic option.
As well as these famous courses, there are many other UK regions we can explore for golf tours – we’ll discuss them with you to ensure the final package is the perfect one.
All the golf courses we recommend are the best courses in the UK, with 31 courses in the world’s top 100, a great challenge for all golfers! There are many more golf courses that you may not have heard of, but we will tailor a package that includes an incredible, mind-blowing experience!

When you play golf in the UK, you will experience some of the oldest and most historic golf courses in the world – most of which were built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and are well worth a visit – My Golf Club, West Lancashire, which has a history of 150 years this year,
we use drivers with certain golf experience and luxury hotels to match the golf course to ensure you have an unforgettable golf trip.

Basically all we need to know is your traveling group size, length of stay, how much golf you want to play, type of accommodation you prefer and we’ll build you a bespoke package that includes some fantastic golf on and off the golf course wonderful activities.
We look forward to seeing you
Thank you, Tom, Annette and Jessica

About Us

Annette Barton

I have extensive event hosting experience, especially in corporate golf. I used to be Marketing and Advertising Manager for a BMW franchised dealership and over the years I was responsible for organizing and hosting a variety of events including countless golf days for corporate clients.
Golf is definitely a family affair for us! A good portion of my adult life has been spent on the golf course, from walking the course with my husband to caddying for my son at tournaments. In a way, golf has become a part of me now. I love the atmosphere, history and challenge that golf courses provide.
I combine years of experience and knowledge gained in corporate entertainment and corporate golf with an emphasis on customer service. I like life and business to be fun, and I genuinely care about our clients. I will do my best to make your trip perfect.

Tom Barton

As a former professional golfer who has played golf for over 40 years, I am passionate about the game and interested in its history and challenges. It’s a great sport that brings people together in amazing settings. The historic character and ambience of English golf courses is unique and very special.

I grew up playing coastal golf in Suffolk and Norfolk and that started my love for this style of golf. After my teenage golf years, I became a golf pro and after playing and coaching for 10 years, I entered the corporate world at BMW. Now that I live in the North West of England, there are some incredible courses to choose from.

A course that I know you golfers who love to play will love. Our site features 10 exceptional coastal golf courses that will challenge every aspect of your game. Our goal is to ensure our clients enjoy exciting, fun and memorable trips. I look forward to compiling for you a list of courses that are some of the best you have ever played.

Naoko Newton

I have known Annie and Tom for many years, we used to be friends and now we work together on the Luxury Links project. I also love golf and am excited to share the experience of playing golf in Scotland with more friends, a key focus of our business is targeting guests from China and Hong Kong, I know they love the UK, the travel opportunities, and Love the historic golf course.
We’ve been in a customer service-focused business for many years and Luxury Links has it at its core, everything revolves around customer service. I look forward to speaking with you soon and helping you organize a fantastic golf trip to the UK – the trip will be tailored to suit you and your group’s needs to ensure perfection.